Party Bear

Party Bear

Bear making Parties for children’s birthday and special events parties and gatherings. We supply the kit to stuff, name with a birth certificate, add a heart, dress  the bear, record a voice recording to put into the bear, Put in a carry home cage ready to take home as the very special party gift. We have a selection of 5 plush toys and 6 outfits. Party bear hosted Parties or client chooses to host the party them selves. This excellent party concept comes to the site of the party, supplies the party entertainment also resulting in a take home party gift, so no need to spend extra money on Party bags.

Price Range:

$150 for the standard kit = Invitations and name stickers. Bear pelt, stuffing, heart, birth certificate, carry home cage. $200 Includes the above + a voice box for recording a message and an out fit of choice. Host + travel and all games and prizes etc $1,000. No host = just the delivery cost


NO min or max numbers. We just supply extra hosts for larger parties at no extra cost.

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