Panda Pottery

Panda Pottery

Never been pottery painting before?  Fear not, help is at hand! There’s no need to be a budding artist… come and have Pots of Fun with Panda Pottery! We cater for all ages - whether it’s for a birthday party, for capturing those tiny little hands and feet or for a dinner party at home - we can help!  We want you to have lots of fun and at the same time create something that is uniquely yours .We have a wide range of pottery for you to chose from – for example a plate to capture a baby’s footprint on, a mug for daddy, a Christmas bauble for the tree, a cufflink box for your husband or a robot, racing car, fairy or money box for a child’s room.

Price Range:

Birthday Parties: Minimum spend $2500 (you can choose any pottery items, the total must just add up to $2500) plus a $350 delivery fee or it may be picked up from Clearwater Bay/Sai Kung at no extra cost. If you would like a Panda Pottery expert on hand we can be at the party for an extra $600 per Panda Pottery person (NB: This service is ONLY available during the week, at weekends we only offer drop off boxes).                                                                                               Private Events/Hand & Foot Prints: Minimum spend of $350 per painter (minimum 8 painters), or if you prefer to do a drop off box then the price would be as per birthday parties – min spend $2500. 


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