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Alex Eco Craft

Code: AX146W

Unit price: HK$149.9

Description: Flowers, animals, decorations, jewellery and much, much more are all waiting for creative minds and crafty hands to make them! Make a giraffe from paper and popsicle stick legs! Design a cute owl, make popsicle stick friends and a picture frame. Everything'?s included, and all the materials are earth-friendly and made from recycled stickers, paper and pencils. Use all the materials inside this kit and even add some of your own recycled materials to make new crafts. Each Eco Crafts kit contains instructions for making crafts and: | over 400 stickers and shapes | 6 recycled colored pencils | wooden spoons | fork and spatula | wooden buttons | spools and beads | string | ribbon | glue stick | tissue paper. Ages 6+

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