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Giant Knot & Stich Pillow

Code: AX1180D

Unit price: HK$169.9

Description: New for 2014! Love to craft and want to add some flair to your space? Make a Giant Knot & Stitch pillow! It?s easy and everything you need is included. Just stitch the pre-punched pieces, knot the sides together and stuff ? complete with zebra fringe and metallic beads! Makes 1 double sided 16? square fleece pillow. It says LOVE on one side and HOPE on the other. Girls Ages 8+ This craft kit includes: 2 ? 16? fleece pillow squares 20 fleece strips 4 colors of embroidery floss 19 felt shapes 8 felt strips Stuffing 60 metallic beads 2 embroidery needles Easy instructions

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